What do we do?

If you have compounds that you need to isolate and extract from complex mixtures then BioExtractions (Wales) Ltd. have the expertise and systems that can help you do it. We provide a contract service to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical, food industries or any industry that needs to separate key compounds from their base complex mixtures.

Using state of the art equipment and processes such as High Performance Counter Current Chromatography (HPCCC), membrane filtration and super critical carbon dioxide, BioExtractions (Wales) Ltd. can isolate and extract the key compounds you need from your starting product.

Whether you are looking for grams quantities as part of your development project or kilograms quantities to support your production system, BioExtractions (Wales) Ltd. can develop a process to provide you with the quantities of the products you want at the purity you need.

Click here to contact us and discuss your requirements and see how we can help you get the compounds you need in an efficient and cost effective way.

How do we do it?

BioExtractions (Wales) Ltd. has a 10,000 sq/ft facility where we operate HPCCC systems supplied by Dynamic Extractions. Using this equipment we are able to develop isolation and separation strategies for natural products, peptides and large synthetic molecules across the whole range of polarity. We are able to isolate and extract multiple target compounds in a single pass which makes the whole process both cost and time effective.

Our HPCCC systems can be used to isolate and extract target compounds from gram to kilogram quantities. Whether you need a small scale solution to support your develoment project, a faster and more efficient alternative to an existing production process or perhaps a way to get at that portion of your key products that you are currently losing in your waste stream, then we can help you.

To find out more about HPCCC please watch our video below and then click here to contact us to discuss how our services could be used to enhance and support your development and production processes.

CCC Introduction from Guvnor Media Ltd on Vimeo.

We are constantly improving and refining our process in order to optimise the services we offer. Currently we are working with Swansea University School of Chemical Engineering to enhance our solvent recycling options and Bangor University School of Chemistry looking into additive technologies such as the use of super critical carbon dioxide as a solvent to supplement our HPCCC processes with new and novel separation techniques to deal with more complex mixtures and targets.

Where do we do it?

BioExtractions (Wales) Ltd. is based on the Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate in Tredegar, Wales where we have a 10,000 sq/ft warehouse and laboratory facility.

BioExtractions (Wales) Ltd

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